SUCCESS  2017 
Licensing Workshop
Whether you realize it or not...
...there's a fundamental change happening in the way that both individuals and companies are transforming to perform better, and get better results. They are recognizing the power of focusing on sometime greater than themselves - their purpose!

 In fact Forbes recently published an article that said:
"THE DATA IS CLEAR! Individuals and organization with a greater purpose, who focus on the impact they have on the people they serve outperform individuals and organizations that just focus on revenue goals."
There are BIG WINS to be made by individual and companies that are able to clearly articulate their purpose and convey it into a concrete vision and a plan - and even GREATER LOSSES to those who choose to ignore this shift.

Now... what I've come to learn from nearly a decade as a business success coach & trainer is that most people and companies struggle to clearly articulate their purpose and vision. Furthermore, they struggle to actually live into their purpose on a daily basis, and instill it into the company culture.
And that's why I created the Blueprint For Success workshop!
BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS is the ONLY workshop that dedicates an entire day for individuals, leaders, and entrepreneurs just like YOU to gain clarity on your unique purpose, vision, and an actionable plan to live into it and from it.
With Melissa V. West
Unlike traditional events that call themselves 'workshops' that just give you content and tell you to go off to implement (leaving you to go figure out the rest on your own)... the The Blueprint For Success workshop we believe in creating a transformational experience on the day of the workshop AND we have you roll up your sleeves to put it into action RIGHT AWAY
During our first day together I'll help you:
  •  Zero in on your true passion and purpose, in work and in life. 
  •  Gain a solid understanding of what  makes you come alive and what holds you back.
  •   Get clarity on your goals and where you want to go.  
  •  Create specific, measurable outcomes you want to achieve. 
  •  Break down your action plan.
  •  Get insight into which activities provide the biggest payoff, financially & emotionally.
By the end of the day you'll walk away with clarity on your purpose and vision, as well as your own unique blueprint to create unstoppable momentum in your business and life.
And when you join us for BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS DAY 2'll also receive a "done-for-you workshop in a box" to recreate the entire experience for your clients and teams (perfect for leaders & coaches who have a desire or responsibility in helping others work and live at their maximum potential).
Let’s face it, creating a life-changing experiential workshop for teams of employees and clients is a daunting and time-consuming task that takes a large investment of brain power and money! 

However, you don't need to struggle recreating this workshop! It’s all done for you!" When you join us for Day 2 of Blueprint for Success, you'll receive step by step training, a "done-for-you workshop in a box", all the resources you need, and a BFS facilitator's license  to recreate this life-changing experience for others.
Optional for 1-Day & 2-Day ticket holders.

OCT 19


6:00pm - 8:00pm
Early Reg & Networking
Connect with Melissa and workshop participants (cash bar).
For 1-Day & 2-Day ticket holders.

OCT 20


9:00am - 11:00am
Discover Purpose
Discover and articulate who you are designed to be in this amazing world.
11:15am - 12:00pm
Vision & Bogus Story
Design what it looks like to live your purpose to the fullest + crush the BS.
1:30pm - 3:15pm
Lunch & Passion
1 hr lunch (Included).
Ignite your fuel and drive to be unstoppable.
3:30pm - 5:00pm
BFS Poster
Create your own unique Blueprint for Success poster.
For 2-Day ticket holders only.

OCT 21


9:00am - 10:00am
Facilitator's Training
How to facilitate the workshop and challenge attendees to grow.
10:00am - 12:15pm
Facilitator's Training
How to plan, launch & fill your own Blueprint for Success workshop.
12:30pm - 2:00pm
Facilitator's Training
1 hr lunch (Included).
Workshop profit planning.
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Facilitator's Training
How to upsell your attendees into your other services.
Meet Your PRESENTeR:
Melissa West
Melissa V. West
Melissa V. West is the founder and CEO of Xtreme Results, LLC–a powerful catalyst for life transformation. She has mentored over 12,000 business professionals to rediscover their passion as she inspires, energizes and empowers them to create the amazing life and business of their dreams.

Melissa is a certified professional coach and has trained with and been mentored by some of the Masters in personal development including: John C. Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, Nick Vujicic, Bob Burg, Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor.

Today, Melissa shares her message on living a purpose filled life worldwide through coaching, training, mentoring, and keynote speaking.
  • Yes! If you're a life coach, success coach, leadership coach... (really, any niche!).
  •  Yes! If you're a trainer facilitating any type of personal & professional growth.
  •  Yes! If you're a owner/leader in a company needing to create on the job purpose among teams.
  •  Yes! If you're a new (or aspiring) entrepreneur or solopreneur.
  •  Yes! If you're an MLM'er looking to develop the success of your team down the line.
  •  Yes! If you're looking to add an income stream to your coaching & training business.
  •  No! If you're NOT looking for a transformative experience for yourself or one that you can bring to others.
  •  No! If you're a professional who doesn't want to coach/train others to grow & be better.
  •  No! If you're a professional who is content with working & living in the 'status quo'. 
  •  No! If you don't want to have an "audience" that looks up to you for guidance & inspiration.
In short, you should attend if being clear on your purpose, your vision, and your plan so that you can perform better and get better results is important to you and/or the teams and clients you serve!
Trained, licensed and coached over 600 successful BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS attendees from 60 countries around the world!
WARNING #1: Let’s ! 

WARNING #2: However, 

"When a lie that has held someone back for years is destroyed and a new person emerges, it’s priceless."

I started scheduling one Blueprint for Success workshop a month with the attitude that even if I helped one person, it was worth it. We have had 3 workshops so far and they have been so fun! We’ve already doubled our attendance! I plan on continuing throughout the year to help as many people as I can to know their purpose and to be the best them they can be. God Bless and thank you for helping me help others. We are making a difference together! Trey Johnson – Boyd, Texas

"This process is brilliant!"

I had the privilege to take a group of people through the Blueprint for Success workshop. So many breakthroughs, dealing with blockages, understanding of true purpose. They all walked away with a vision and plan to go forward. Love this program! Wendy Burns – Brisbane, Australia

"At my first Blueprint for Success workshop my attendees walked away with a lot of insights!"

 I gave my best, knowing I will learn more as I go along. Thank you for your critique and constructive information for my improvement, and for all your encouragement and lots of strategy before the seminar. Trudy Gill – Griffin, Georgia

"The teaching was easy, the flow was great, the tears, the outcome and the comments were more than we could have imagined"

Randy Stroman and I did our first Blueprint for Success workshop last weekend and it went great! I have to confess I was VERY nervous. WOW, I impressed myself. - I can’t wait to do more! Debbie Guta Stroman – Dallas, Texas

"This is a big step in making a difference in my line of work."

I taught Blueprint for Success for my first time to my team. It was interesting to watch them think deeply about their lives and where they want to go with it. They didn’t ask for this training, I had them do it as a team building activity. I knew the Blueprint for Success program made an impact on them by lunch time but, I didn’t really know by how much until this last week. Several of them shared with management how much they enjoyed it and how it has changed their lives. I was asked to consider teaching it to all of my staff. Dawn MacDonald – Richland, Washington

"WOW is all I have to say!"

Ok, first delivery of the Blueprint for Success workshop…Wow…Wow. I truly cannot believe the hearts we touched today and the possibilities that were created in the participants! A HUGE thanks to Melissa for the creation of this program. Bob Kittridge – Colorado Springs, Colorado

"My first Blueprint for Success workshop was a success!"

 I had 11 attendees. They were engaged and loved the thought provoking questions that made them dig deeper each time, even to those places they would rather not go! I booked another Blueprint for Success in Chicago and they promised to fill the class and get a free location for the event. Thank you Melissa! Bunmi Ajibade – Dallas, Texas

"It feels so good to be able to see the lights come on for someone, and the possibilities appear"

I am using Blueprint for Success as a long term coaching format for an executive that after 28 years at one place is changing their life to include more focus on family, faith, health, and service. They are now seeking a new direction and possible career! Rick Miller – Commerce, Texas
1-Day OR 2-Day Workshop Tickets
This 'Early Bird' Discount Expires In:
$2,197 SAVE $600 Until 09/08/2017
  • Greater Clarity, Purpose, Passion, Vision & Productivity for Yourself
  • Blueprint to Create Unstoppable Momentum in Your Business & Life
  • Your Own Transformational Experience
  • Personalized BFS Workbook
  •  Step by Step Training to Recreate This Life-Changing Experience for Others
  • All Documents & Resources for Your "Done-for-You BFS Workshop in a Box
  • Licensing Rights To Conduct BFS Workshop
  • Workshop Video Recording  + Presentation Slides
  • Three (3) mentorship calls with Melissa West as you create your BFS workshops
  • Networking Lunch (X2 Days)
  • Lifetime Access to Members-Only BFS Facebook Group
  • Signed Copy of Either of Melissa's Books: "Your Daily W.O.W" or "Hot Pursuit".
  • Picture With Melissa & Graduating Class
  • [Optional] Networking Cocktail Party Oct 19
$397 SAVE $100 Until 09/08/2017
  • Greater Clarity, Purpose, Passion, Vision & Productivity for Yourself
  • Blueprint to Create Unstoppable Momentum in Your Business & Life
  • Your Own Transformational Experience
  • Personalized BFS Workbook
  •  X
  •  X
  •  X
  • X
  • X
  • Networking Lunch (X1 Day)
  • Lifetime Access to Members-Only BFS Facebook Group
  • Signed Copy of Either of Melissa's Books: "Your Daily W.O.W" or "Hot Pursuit".
  • Picture With Melissa & Graduating Class
  • [Optional] Networking Cocktail Party Oct 19
The Blueprint for Success Licensing Workshop will be hosted in Raleigh, North Carolina on October 20th & 21st, 2017 at the  beautiful Hilton Garden Inn Raleigh. This hotel is about 20 minutes from the airport and minutes away from restaurants and shopping. 

We have a group rate setup for you at the hotel. Please call the  hotel directly and give them the event name of Blueprint for Success to get the discounted rate. Rooms are limited so please book ASAP. 
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